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Lecico Share Price


EGP 15.32

As of 12:00 PM

Sun, May 19, 2024

A leading producer of sanitary ware and tiles for Europe & the Middle East

Lecico (stock symbol: LCSW.CA) is a leading producer of export-quality sanitary ware in the Middle East and one of the largest tile producers in Egypt and Lebanon, with over 45 years of experience in the industry and decades of experience as an exporter to developed markets.

Lecico benefits from significant cost advantages in labour, energy, investment costs and tax rates resulting from its economies of scale and location in Egypt and Lebanon. Lecico’s marketing strategy is to use its cost advantages to target the mass market with high quality pieces at competitive prices.

Lecico exports over half of its sanitary ware production and has a significant presence in the United Kingdom and other European markets. Most of the Company’s exports are done under the Lecico brand, although it also produces for other European brands. Lecico has a strategic relationship with Sanitec, a leading producer of sanitary ware in Europe, and benefits from this relationship through information sharing, extensive knowledge transfer programs and significant outsourcing contracts for Sanitec’s brands.

CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE: 19883 (within Egypt only)